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15 Silly But Awesome Desk Accessories You Need ASAP

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Acoustic Frog Amplifying Phone Speaker

Don’t waste one of your precious plugs on a bluetooth speaker. JoAnn Stratakos created this unique and adorable acoustic sound amplifier for your smartphone that allows you to enjoy your favorite tunes without breaking the bank.

Lie Down Laptop Stand

Some assembly required, but this simple design allows for more unique ways to work, plan, and stream in the office or home.

Desktop Vacuum

While not your own personal desktop cleaner, the ODISTAR vaccuum can help keep your workspace clean. Simply power it up and move it around your desk to pick up any dust, crumbs, or other debris. 

Temperature Controlled Travel Mug

Worried about your coffee running cold? Now, it’s a thing of the past. The Ember Travel Mug 2 allows for custom temperature control, that way your coffee stays at the right temperature all day. To top it off, pair your mug with the Apple Find My App and you’ll never lose your mug again!

... this lamp

I mean, how could you say ‘no’ to a small lamp that looks like a person? The legs are fully customizable to be both a book stand AND cut legs.

The most practical appliance?  Debatable.

The cutest appliance? Also debatable, but still pretty cute.

Levitating Lamp

One more lamp option for the worker looking for the perfect blend between the past and future. Easy to set up, east to replace when the bulb goes down, and certainly an eye-catching statement piece.

Liquid Motion Pens

When did pens get so boring? Invest in a set of Liquid Motion Pens and upgrade your pen game today. 

While also a classic throwback to the dentist’s office toys of your youth, these rainbow writers can give you a little reprieve from your work day.

Monument to an Icon

Clippy may be gone from Microsoft Word, but he’ll never be gone from our hearts.

Mini Turtle Sandbox

Zen Gardens can bring some tranquility to your cubicle, but why not make it a throwback to your youth? Pair this with the liquid pens and an Ecto-cooler, and you’ll be transported to the 90’s.

Mini Fridge From the Future

Easy access to snacks and drinks is key to upgrading your cubicle. The Frigidaire EFMIS179 Light Up Mini Fridge can be used in your car or office and can hold up to 6 cold-ones. A refreshing beverage is within reach!

Personal Neck Fan

As a worker who runs hot, I understand that I can always subject my coworkers to constant air conditioning. With a quality neck fan, I can get some instant relief from the heat.

Foot Hammock

Send your feet on a short vacation every time you sit in your cubicle. A Foot Hammock is a solid way to find relief for your feet during the work day while saving a buck or two.

Goose Key Holder

No longer will you need to search under your desk or tear through your drawers looking for your car keys. With the trusty Goose Key Holder, you’ll always know where your important keys are. Now we just need something for a wallet and cellphone that is Goose-shaped.

Wireless Charging RGB Pad

Cleaning up wire clutter while upgrading the decor of your office? Sign me up!

The RGB frame paired with a wireless charger is a modern and sleek way to add comfort and style to your workspace.

Kinetic Sculpture Pen

Last but certainly not least, the Kinetic Sculpture Pen. Includes pen tip, refillable ink, touchscreen pads, and endless magnetic balls and bars to create any creation you can imagine.

Which of these products caught your eye? Comment them below or comment your favorite silly office trinket that we missed.

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