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5 Ways to Level Up Your Office

Small changes can have large, positive effects in life, and especially in the office. Taking the time to give your workspace some TLC can help improve productivity, outlook on life, and more. The team at Offisavvy devised a quick list of five items that can level up your office without breaking the bank.

Surge Protector

A power surge is bound to happen in any workplace or home, so be sure to take the necessary steps to protect your hardware. We’ve linked to a personal favorite due to the vertical design and incorporated USB ports. Whatever suits your needs, be sure that it can properly handle the amount of power you require and that it’ll protect your equipment in the event of an emergency.

Monitor Arm

Stop sacrificing desk space and level up your desktop monitor. Our people at the Offisavvy Virtual Showroom have these incredible Humanscale monitor arms in stock and they’re a game changer.

Simply clamp the arm to your desk, screw the plate attachment to the back of your monitor, and slide it into place. Now you have so much more room for activities and trinkets!

File Pedestal

You can never have enough storage in your office. Instead of immovable metal file cabinet that isn’t even comfy to sit on, opt for the file pedestal. Cushioned, wheeled, and ready to handle your most sensitive data under lock and key. Easily hidden below your desk, in your cubicle, or anywhere you prefer.

Cable Tray

Enough with the rat’s nest of cable below your desk. Enough with the tireless minutes you waste searching for the right end of the charger cable in the spaghetti-like mess. Confidently organize your cables, chargers, and other stringy doo-dads into one out-of-site location.

Flow Board

We all wish we could find ways to feel more active throughout the work day. Whether I’m sitting or standing, I know I never feel like I get enough time to move throughout my day. Introducing, a Flow Board. Engage your feet and legs, helping you stretch while staying comfortable.

Bonus: This can double as an in-office workout tool. You’re welcome!

What are some ways you’ve raised your office to the next level? Comment your suggestions below. To learn more, visit our Learning and Resource Centers for an ever-growing library of articles and videos to help you on your next office move.

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