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Decommissioning - Breakdown & Why It's Important

When doing your research for planning your office move, the term ‘decommissioning’ is thrown around in every article. Let’s breakdown what it means for you and what you can do to better prepare your entire team to decommission your office.


Decommissioning an office: the process of removing all furniture and items belonging to your company, while also restoring the office to the condition outlined in your lease agreement.

Fairly straightforward when laid out like this. The trouble comes when you’re reviewing the size of your office and what exactly your landlord expects from you when you’ve moved your company.

- Step 1 -

Study your Lease Agreement

… carefully, combing through it for any notes regarding vacating the space. Generally, a tenant is expected to remove all furniture, end all services such as internet and electricity, and to leave the space ‘broom-swept’. This is not the law of the land, more of a baseline.

-Step 2 -

Hire the Right Moving Company

How do you know which one to pick? Look for a company that will not only assist you in your relocation, but also experienced in decommissioning your original office space and assemble your new office. A good moving company will be with you every step of the way.

- Step 3 -

Take a Full Inventory of your Assets

Assign each of the designated officers from each department to take a detailed inventory of your supplies furniture, equipment, etc. This will not only help with your movers assess the needs of your company prior to the relocation, but it will also be key when we move into the liquidation stage.

- Step 4 -

Set a Realistic Timeline

With the help of your moving team and designated members from each department from your business, set out a feasible timeline that can be achieved with your time, budget, and resources.

IMPORTANT – Take care to work closely with your IT department. In our experience, they’re equipment and infrastructure can be more cumbersome and intricate than other departments. 

- Step 5 -

Liquidate Assets That Won’t Be Coming With You

Is your current furniture unfit for the new work space you’re moving into? Is it time for an upgrade and you’re looking for a way to save your company money? This is when you’ll realize how crucial it was to pick the right relocators for your move. The right time will have the experience to connect you with the resources you need to liquidate your assets OR handle it themselves. 

Either by selling your items or looking for more ethical ways of removing them than just ditching it to the curb.

- Step 6 -

Cleaning & Final Walkthrough

After reviewing your lease agreement previously, your relocators and your team will strategize for setting everything right in your original office. As state previously, this could just mean giving it a good sweep and removing any debris, but other landlords have asked for more.

From repairs, painting, etc, make sure you have both the budget and the resources to get the workspace into tip-top shape. If all goes well and your landlord is happy with your work, then that security deposit is yours once again.

Learn more about the office move process on our YouTube channel or by visiting our Learning Center

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