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How Long Will Your Office Move Take?

One of the questions we’ve heard time and time again and it makes sense.

“How long is this office move going to take?”

When you’re looking for the right relocation service, you want to make sure your team can be up and running in their new office in no time. The answer to this question is…  a bit complicated. Let’s break down the factors that affect move time and how you can build a schedule to make the big move a breeze.

Three Factors to Consider

• Office Size •

It’s important to consider the size of the office you’re vacating compared to the new workplace. Are we planning on moving a small studio into warehouse or vice versa?

• Complexity •

When evaluating your relocation needs, will you need a simple tear-down? Would our teams need to work together to dismantle a more intricate workspace? Our team can help you disassemble your workstations and safely transport them or drop off the tools your team needs to do it in house.

• Distance •​

Once our teams have collaborated on the logistics of the break down of your office space, let’s consider the travel time between the two locations. Will our guys be taking your cubicles across the street or across the state?

Rates can vary with each of these factors, but any relocation service worthy of your time and money will be there to help you. The Offisavvy team helps you develop a detailed plan to eliminate downtime, disruptions to your business, and get you on your way.

It’s also important to consider how your commercial movers charge: a flat rate or hourly for a move? Offisavvy does not charge hourly and we strive to get all of your company’s assets safely packed, out the door, and into their new location as swiftly as possible.

While some businesses are able to stop down during the working week in order to move, other’s don’t have the luxury. That is when you should consider after-hours or weekend pricing for moves. These rates can vary between companies, but we at Offisavvy aim to keep the costs low. We understand that sometimes the work week can be just too hectic. Don’t worry about downtime and let the right movers help you keep your businesses moving.

This all brings us to our final question from us to you –

‘What does your move budget look like?’

Work with your team and your relocators to see what flexibility you may have for after-hours work and be sure to take the necessary steps ahead of time to make sure your business is ready to move. 

For more information, be sure to check out our Move Checklist (coming soon) in the description below that can help you build a timeline and agenda leading up to the big day. We have a pdf and excel version for you and your team, and while you’re on our website, check out the rest of our content to help you plan and prep for your business’ next steps.

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