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How to Find the Right Office Mover

What Should I Look For in an Office Mover?

Before you start engaging – if you have any referrals, that’s always a good place to start. If you don’t ask friends who’ve done office moves before if they have a referral for you. 

I Don’t Have Any Referrals: Now What?

Like anything, a search has to start somewhere to find the right office mover. You can look online with the usual suspects – Google, Yelp, Angie’s List, the BBB, etc. – but not Craigslist, never Craigslist. 

If you see an office moving truck driving down the road or a crew moving out of your office neighbors – take note. Get a list together and start vetting.

What About Online Reviews: Are They Reliable?

Yes and No.

Good reviews are a start, a lot of bad reviews can mean something is off with the company. Even five stars don’t mean that a particular company is necessarily for you. When your looking, picking a few companies with good reviews across a couple of different platforms is a way to narrow down your shortlist.

So I Have Three Movers I Want to Call - Now What?

Step 1: They need to answer the phone.

Step 2: They need to get back to you quickly

Step 3: Once on the phone, are they listening to you?

Communication and responsiveness say a lot about the right office mover. If they cant communicate quickly and well enough when they are trying to sell you a move, how responsive do you think they are going to be once they have your signed contract?

What Questions Should I Ask Them?

Off the bat, you may want to ask, before you explain your situation;

  • What kind of moving do you specialize in? 

See what they say, how do they answer that question?

There are movers out there that are trying to do it all, residential, commercial, industrial, etc. While some of the bigger, more established organizations can pull this off – many aren’t great at it. 

If you’re looking for someone to move your office, you best steer clear of primarily household movers that also claim to do office moving – and vice versa. These are two entirely different animals.

How Do I Narrow It Down From Here?

Two great questions will help you narrow down movers if you have already done some homework. 

If you know your schedule, ask them if they are available during those dates. That keeps you from spinning your wheels talking to people that cant help you. 

Another great one is to ask how much insurance they carry. Ask for a copy of their insurance certificate. See what they say. This is a great test for a couple of reasons. 

    1. A commercial mover will be ready to answer this question or send you a cert. You need this info anyway because your building is going to want it.                       
    2. As a bonus, this is a great way to gauge their willingness to work on the project. Again, how fast do they respond? Do they seem annoyed with this question or unsure of what you’re asking for? – not a good sign.

OK, I’ve Narrowed It Down to Two or Three Movers - What’s Next?

Give them a quick rundown of your situation and let them know you are looking for a quote. Here, you want to see how they respond. If you are moving a whole office or facility, most office movers will want to come and site-walk the project. 

This is an important step. It gives them a chance to see the actual conditions of your move. 

What questions do they ask when they are onsite? A good mover will ask meaningful questions. They might bring up questions you may not have thought of yet. The questions they ask will determine the quality of the proposal they send back.

What Kind of Questions Should They Ask on the Walkthrough?

You’re looking for two types of questions. They should be asking about logistics. Things like, what’s the path in and out of this building? Does it have a loading dock? Does your building let you move during the day? They might be doing things like measuring doors and large items, counting furniture that sort of thing. 

Without this kind of info, how can they possibly give you an accurate proposal?

They should also be asking what level of service you need. Do you need help packing? Moving your server room? Hanging your pictures on the wall at the new place?  

If they’re not asking these questions, your proposal will often come back missing key services, or worse; you end up thinking something is included and you find out it’s not.

What Else Should I Ask?

A couple of other great questions to ask during the walkthrough are these two:

  • What’s your policy on extra charges? 
  • What happens if I need to reschedule? 

These questions will tell you more about their scheduling and pricing policies. As a bonus, they will help you get a feel for how clear, upfront, and professional the company is when handling changes. Moving involves changes and unknowns sometimes. Does their answer inspire confidence or make you think twice?  

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