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How to Pack and Move Your Office Chair

When prepping for your office move, you’ll want to take care and make sure all of your valuable assets are protected and secured. We’re going to carefully breakdown how to prepare your office furniture for your upcoming move

1. Prepare the Chair

– Mentally, emotionally, but mostly and only physically –

Lower the Chair:

Before packing your office chair, lower it to its lowest height setting. This will reduce the chair’s overall height, making it easier to transport and fit through doorways.

Remove Headrest (if applicable):

If your office chair has a removable headrest, take it off. This step prevents potential damage during the move and ensures that the headrest doesn’t get lost in transit.

2. Protect Delicate Parts
with Plastic Wrap

Protective Wrap:

To safeguard the delicate components of your office chair, such as the armrests, hydraulics, and corners, use protective plastic wrap. This wrap acts as a protective barrier against scratches, dents, and other damage during the moving process.

Maintain Component Integrity:

Wrapping these delicate parts not only shields them from harm but also helps maintain their integrity throughout the move. This ensures that adjustable components like hydraulics or armrests remain in place and operational when you arrive at your new location.

3. Wrap in Furniture Pad
& Secure with Tape

Furniture Pad or Moving Blanket:

After protecting the delicate parts with plastic wrap, encase the entire office chair in a large furniture pad or moving blanket. This additional layer of padding provides extra protection against impacts and prevents friction-related damage.

Securing with Tape:

Secure the furniture pad in place by using sturdy packing tape. Ensure that the tape is tightly wrapped around the chair to prevent any shifting or uncovering during transportation.

Additional Tips:


Consider labeling the wrapped chair with its destination or any specific handling instructions. This can help movers or yourself during the unpacking process and ensure the chair is placed in the right spot.

Professional Movers:

If you’re not comfortable moving the office chair yourself or if you have multiple items to move, consider hiring professional movers who specialize in handling delicate items.

To learn how we safely move computers, check out our video guide here. For more information, visit our Learning and Resource Center and subscribe to our YouTube channel for weekly instructional videos to help you prepare for your next office move.

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