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How We Move Computers and Workstations

Planning your company’s move to your new office but you’re worried about the safety of your workstation during the transfer? We’ve got you covered.

Below, we’ve addressed our most frequently asked questions about protecting your computers in the move and how you and your team can prep for the big day.

Does Offisavvy pack and move Personal Computers, Phones and Workstations?

Yes, Offisavvy can move your computers, electronics and any other standard office gadgetry used by your organization. Read on to learn how we move computers and the options available to you. Offisavvy can keep it very basic with your team doing the packing and set-up or we can handle the whole process.

What supplies do you use to pack and move computers?

Offisavvy uses a few basic materials and moving equipment to move computers. Let’s start with the equipment. We have found the best relocation tool to move multiple computer workstations to be the Gondola, also called a machine cart. It’s basically a big bookshelf on wheels.

Gondola - machine cart

For larger pieces, we might also use a large wooden carton on wheels. These are called Speed Carts  or picture carts but we find their best use in protecting large sensitive electronics. We can use them to keep large fragile items such as large curved monitors isolated, placing padding or moving blankets strategically to keep them stable and safe.

Speed Cart - Computer Moving

To pack computers, phones and other electronics safely we typically will use two types of packing materials. 

      1. Tech Bags ~ These are big, pink, static-free “ziplock” style bags for Peripherals – ie. mice, keyboards, docking stations and other computer accessories.

2. Monitor Hoods ~ Monitor hoods are large, pink, monitor-sized bags made out of static-free bubble wrap. They shroud your monitors preventing accidental impact damage as well as the build-up of static electricity during transit. (Static electricity can damage electronics during a move without any trace or obvious signs the damage occurred until you try to turn the device or item on)

How do you keep things organized when you move computers?

The typical computer move goes something like this:

1. In pre-move planning meetings, we will ask for floor plans for the new office. Together with your move team we assign location codes or names to each workstation at your destination. 

2. Offisavvy provides moving labels to your move team to distribute along with instructions for labeling so that everyone can label their electronics according to where they will be working at the new facility.

3. Computers are disconnected. PC towers get tagged with a moving sticker and placed on a gondola.

4. Wires, adapters, mice keyboards, etc are gathered into tech bags, tagged and also placed on a gondola. 

5. Monitors are shrouded in monitor hoods, tagged and placed on the same gondola or machine cart. Usually we reserve the top shelf for monitors, second and third shelves for pc towers and the bottom shelf will be used for the tech bags.

6. Next, we shrinkwrap the packed gondola and send it on its way to your new location. Once it arrives, the receiving team brings the computer cart to the destination office area. 

7. Finally, we unwrap and distribute all the electronics to their destination desk, cubicle or office according to how each monitor, pc, tech bag, phone, etc. is labeled.

What are my options for having my computers moved?

Offisavvy offers 4 Service levels related to computer relocation. These range from an assisted DYI to a full turnkey move. They are as follows:

  1. Basic Computer Move. (Assisted DYI) 

In this scenario, we provide the gondolas, tech bags, hoods, and labels and your team disconnects, bags, preps, and labels each workstation. We then pack everything onto gondolas and move it to the new location and distribute the packed items to your new locations. 

  1. Computer Pack & Move 

If you’re looking to take the burden off of your staff a bit but want to handle the disconnects and reconnects yourself, we offer a pack and move option. In this scenario, we have your IT staff disconnect everything, label it and leave it on their desks. 

We can then do all the packing, label the packed bundles and load, transport, unload and unpack. All that is left for your team to do is plug in and reconnect. 

  1. Full Service Computer Move 

For a truly turnkey option we can handle the whole process. If you choose this option, we disconnect, pack, label, transport, distribute, unpack and reconnect your computer workstations bringing them to the start screen. For this to work, we’ll collaborate with your IT team to do one of two things:

      1. Determine a standard set-up for the computers at the new location. Example: PC’s under the right side of the desk, monitors at medium height, mouse on the right side of the keyboard, etc. 
      2. Our team will use our computer setup sheets to diagram and inventory each workstation’s orientation and contents, which we’ll use when we set up at the destination. 

4. Full Service with Wire Management

For a clean office look with zero effort on the part of your staff, we can provide the full-service move with the final touch of wire management. We use velcro, desk clips, and other tools to organize your wires to be clean and out of the way while also ensuring it is easy for staff to adjust the wire bundles. 

Your move manager will ask to set up or see an example that we can review with your IT team and our computer moving crew to ensure your wire management is done according to your preferences. 

What happens if a computer is broken or lost during the move?

While this rarely ever occurs, we do have a plan for when it does. Here are the steps we take to avoid such occurrences and how we handle things when something happens.

    1. We always ask that any sensitive or valuable data be backed up to the cloud or an external device before we move your computers. 
    2. Before the move begins we check all devices to make sure they have been powered down and properly labeled for the move.
    3. All IT items are moved using our static-free bags and hoods to ensure no static charge related damages occur.
    4. Our movers take care to move all IT items with minimal jarring or vibration.

For Damaged Electronics:

Included in your IT move is a replacement guarantee for all visibly damaged used IT items. This means we will replace your damaged item with a comparable pre-owned or refurbished item in good working condition.


As you know, data is often the most valuable part of a computer so make sure you always back everything up before the day of the move. 

Do You Guarantee The working condition of electronics moved by Offisavvy ?

We cannot guarantee the working order of electronics that are not visibly damaged during the move because we don’t know the working order of these items before we touch them.

If you would like that extra peace of mind knowing you are completely covered we can provide access to full coverage insurance through our trusted insurance partners.

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