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Top 8 Most Unique Offices of 2023

When designing your new office space, one looks to creative office juggernauts like workspaces for Google and Facebook for inspiration. Kombucha on tap, stairs swapped with slides between floors, and dog runs feel like the pinnacle of what an office can offer in the 21st century. Some companies, however, have gone their own way by building a unique workplace for their employees that is tailored to their industry.

In this humble blogger’s opinion, here are some of the most unique offices of 2023.


From the company that taught this man how to cry, Pixar has been a shining beacon of inspiration for the modern office. Featuring large open spaces, comfy corners for privacy when needed, and a novel display of the achievements of the studio – Pixar is a dream office. For the kid-at-heart fan and the creative looking to make their mark on the creative world, this is a top tier office space.


The Philly-based creative titan – responsible for top-of-the-line VR/AR experiences, interactive live experiences, games, and more – didn’t spare any expense when designing their workplace. 

As soon as tours are available, I’m going!


Crunchyroll, the anime and manga behemoth, beloved by millions of fans, decided to go above and beyond when designing their workplace. The San Fran-based headquarters brought to life an anime-inspired market, filled with all the visual eye candy your heart desires.


With headquarters placed around the globe, let’s focus in on their Silicon Valley hub. Nestled into the San Francisco bay, personalized workplaces focus on the private and social employee, while highlighting a tiny home vibe.


The company behind Barkbox, the subscription box for dog owners, went above and beyond. The Columbus, Ohio based company created the perfect space for dog owners and their furry friends by creating a dog park INSIDE their facilities.


The world-renowned snowboarding company, based in Burlington, Vermont, strives to highlight the natural beauty of it’s homestate and the thrill of the outdoors. Just minutes from the beautiful downtown Burlington, you can also explore the flagship store within their headquarters, as well as the R&D snowboard Lab and a recently reopened Skatepark, open to the public.


The home for creatives across the web, allowing artists to turn their talents into money-making opportunities. The designers behind the Etsy headquarters reflect the style of their users. Unique wall art, paper crafts, and plenty of green spaces to help inspire their employees and visitors.

Urban Outfitters

The perfect blend of old and new. The headquarters of Free People, Anthropology, and Urban Outfitters made their home in an old Navy Yard in Philadelphia. The company invested in refurbishing and redesigning the landmark into a functioning facility that marries its unique styles with the history of the city it calls home.

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