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Office Moving: Some Handy Little Planning Tips

Picture this: your entire company, whether big or small, is packing up and heading off to a brand-new location. It’s exciting, right? But let’s be honest, it can also be a bit overwhelming. Moving a company isn’t just about hiring a moving truck and crossing your fingers. It’s a journey filled with important steps. There are many things to consider when moving an office!

Choosing the Right Leader


choose the right leader for your move

First things first, we need a fearless leader! Pick someone with the confidence and authority to make sure all the goals are met. They’ll be the Captain Kirk of your office moving voyage, making those crucial final decisions.

The Art of Planning

Now, it’s time to get your planning hat on. Remember that wise old saying, “He who fails to plan, plans to fail.” You don’t want to be that person, do you? Next up, spill the beans to your employees about the big move. Sure, some might grumble about change, but most of us secretly love it. Involve them in the process, and you’ll be amazed by the fantastic ideas they bring to the table.

Focusing on the Details: See Our Packing Tips When Moving Below

Once you have your move plan ready, focus on the nitty-gritty details. These are the little gems that make the plan sparkle. And don’t forget to give yourself plenty of time to get everything done. We all know that things usually take longer than expected, so it’s better to be prepared.

Check out our helpful office moving tips for packing supplies and other essentials. From desks and file cabinets to computer equipment and personal items, our guide will walk you through the entire process, ensuring a smooth transition to your new location.

Preparing for the Unexpected

There are so many things to consider when moving office locations. Remember the old saying, “hope for the best, but prepare for the worst?” That’s your mantra for any move. Have a backup plan for everything, just in case. To stay on top of things, document your progress and keep the bigwigs in the loop. This will help keep the gears of your company running smoothly. And hey, don’t forget to chill out and keep your sense of humor handy – you’ll definitely need it!

Feeling pumped and ready to get moving? Give Offisavvy a call for all your moving and storage needs. With our help, you’ll settle into your new digs in no time. Good luck, and happy moving!

Packing Tips & Instructions: Master the Art of Moving Offices

Here’s your fun and friendly guide to packing up your office like a pro, complete with things to consider when moving an office:

Office Desk Desks & Work Tables

Time to empty out all those drawers and surfaces into boxes. Tuck small items (pens, paper clips) into envelopes, and pack liquids (ink, white-out) into zip-lock bags. Can’t fit something in a box? Just label it and leave it on the desk – our gondolas will take care of it.

File Cabinet MovingFile Cabinets

Vertical cabinets stay full (unless they tackle stairs). Lateral cabinets need to be packed, except for the bottom two drawers. Lock ’em up if you can, and tape up any lock-less latches. Keep the keys safe in an envelope with your desk stuff.

Moving Bookcases for an officeBookcases

Clear them out and pack the contents in boxes or book carts. Got sliding doors? Secure them with tape. Removable shelves? Take them out, stash them at the bottom, and tape those shelf clips in an envelope to the inside of the bookcase.

moving office computers and electronics Computers

Unhook, unplug, and wrangle all those cables, mice, and keyboards into labeled large Ziploc bags or for extra safety, contact us for our pink anti-static electronics moving bags and bubble wrap monitor hoods. Label each component separately and back up your data before the move. Our team will load everything onto our fancy gondolas on moving day.

foldable moving boxesBoxes

No tape is needed for our office moving cartons! Just follow the assembly instructions on each box. Don’t overstuff them, and slap a label on the side where it says “LABEL HERE.” Grab boxes and labels from your designated move leader.

personal office items packing bunnyPersonal Items

We can’t cover your treasures, so please move them privately. Need a special container? Just ask your move consultant!

large metal office cabinet moversLarge Metal Cabinets

Empty them, drop the shelves to the bottom, and label the top right corner.

Dogs playing poker office wall art decor Wall Decor

Take down pictures, maps, and bulletin boards, then let us handle the rest. Expensive artwork? We’ll pack it professionally before the move.

specialty office equipment Special Equipment

Contact the manufacturer’s service department or your move consultant for professional servicing of copiers or other equipment and for any furniture installers, electricians, plumbers, or machinery movers.

venus fly trap office plant moversPlants

Since we can’t guarantee their safe transportation, find another way to move them or let us handle them at your company’s risk. Your plant vendor might even help you out!

commercial office moving labels - label everything for your move 1 Label EVERYTHING!

Remember, every item needs an ID label for our movers to know what’s going where. With these labels and your office floor plan, our movers can swiftly and efficiently deliver your items without any extra questions. Our supervisory team will work closely with your move coordinator and staff for a smooth business relocation. Happy packing, and enjoy your new office space!

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