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The Difficulties With Scheduling a Move

It can sure be frustrating trying to find the right movers for your office relocation. Let’s breakdown some of the challenges that come with scheduling an office moving company and some tips you can use to better prepare for your move.

Now some of these may be obvious and some may surprise you, but without further ado, here are our Top 3 reasons why scheduling your office move can be so difficult.

Everyone Works the Same Hours

By and large, most businesses operate during the same hours. We usually have businesses request the same times as each other for their moves, to either save money or to reduce the amount of downtime. Whatever the reason, it happens quite frequently. 

It’s the same reason you usually can’t make a reservation at the eleventh hour to a fancy restaurant or you can’t get In n Out at 6 PM – everybody already had the same, last-minute idea.

Everybody Has the Same Ideas

Generally, every business prefers to move at the end of their work week or at the end of the month. Everyone is balancing multiple obligations and the last thing most want to think about is wrangling your team to get organized and prepped for a full relocation.

While it can be frustrating, it’s best to pick a time that aligns with your schedule, without affecting efficiency and allows you to move during a more unconventional time. A good commercial moving company should be able to help you find a time that works for both teams.

Life Happens

Some things are out of your control and outside the power of the movers. A few of these factors include:

Factors such as these can affect what a moving company is able to accomplish and how many projects they can take on at once.

Somethings to Keep in Mind

When you’re looking for the right company to help you with your move, see if you can get a feel for how they operate. Ask yourself some of these questions while you’re researching and contacting possible office movers –

While we’re all human, you still shouldn’t let these companies off the hook. You deserve the best and Offisavvy is here to help. If you have more questions about how to prepare for your next move, check out our Learning Center. Check out more of our videos, we have multiple videos coming out every month that aim to help you find the answers you’re looking for. 

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