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When setting up or renovating an office, choosing the right furniture is crucial not just for aesthetics but also for comfort and productivity. Good office furniture brands blend design, functionality, ergonomics, and sustainability to create environments that enhance work efficiency and well-being. Here’s a look at some of the top brands in the office furniture industry and what makes them stand out.

Herman Miller

herman miller aeron
  • Specialties: Herman Miller is renowned for its innovative designs and ergonomic office solutions. Best known for the Aeron Chair, a symbol of ergonomic excellence, Herman Miller provides a wide range of office furniture including desks, chairs, and modular office systems. Their focus on research-driven design results in furniture that supports posture and comfort.
  • Style: Modern, sleek, and professional
  • Price Range: $$$$ (4/5)


steelcase gesture
  • Specialties: Steelcase offers a comprehensive portfolio of office furniture, workspace architecture, and technology products. They are recognized for their ergonomic office chairs like the Leap and Gesture, and their workspaces are designed to enhance collaboration and adapt to the changing needs of users.
  • Style: Functional, contemporary, and tech-oriented
  • Price Range: $$$$ (4/5)


  • Specialties: Haworth designs and manufactures adaptable workspaces including movable walls, systems furniture, and seating. With a focus on creating organic workspaces, Haworth’s products are designed to evolve with businesses, ensuring long-term sustainability and comfort.
  • Style: Innovative, user-centric, and versatile
  • Price Range: $$$ (3/5)


knoll office furniture
  • Specialties: Knoll is a global brand that designs office systems, seating, files and storage, tables and desks, and accessories. This brand is known for its modern designs and workplace research. Their furniture pieces, like the ReGeneration and the Life Chair, combine ergonomic performance with a sleek, sophisticated design.
  • Style: Elegant, iconic, and timeless
  • Price Range: $$$$ (4/5)


  • Specialties: Humanscale focuses on ergonomic products designed to improve health and comfort at work. Their Freedom and Diffrient Smart chairs are designed to automatically adjust to the user, providing support without manual controls. Humanscale also offers sit/stand desks and monitor arms to create a fully ergonomic workstation.
  • Style: Minimalist, ergonomic, and user-friendly
  • Price Range: $$$ (3/5)


HON office furniture
  • Specialties: HON is a leader in providing practical and professional office furniture that doesn’t break the bank. Their products range from chairs and desks to filing solutions and cubicles. HON is known for its reliable and durable designs, suited to a variety of office environments.
  • Style: Classic, efficient, and sturdy
  • Price Range: $$ (2/5)


  • Specialties: IKEA’s range of office furniture is known for its affordability and modern design. While not exclusively an office furniture brand, IKEA offers a variety of desks, ergonomic office chairs, and storage solutions that are ideal for startups and small businesses looking for a stylish, budget-friendly option. Ikea catches a lot of flak for being cheap furniture, but in truth, IKEA pieces are generally quite durable for the price.
  • Style: Modern, Scandinavian, and versatile
  • Price Range: $ (1/5)


  • Specialties: Teknion creates furniture that works across boundaries. Their products, including office systems, seating, and adjustable desks, are designed to meet the needs of modern, dynamic workplaces. Teknion’s emphasis on customization allows businesses to create spaces that truly reflect their brand and ethos.
  • Style: Customizable, modern, and innovative
  • Price Range: $$$ (3/5)

Global Furniture Group

  • Specialties: Global Furniture Group is known for providing a broad range of office products that offer comfort, style, and functionality. Their range includes ergonomic seating, desks, and modular office systems that cater to a wide array of office needs.
  • Style: Diverse, reliable, and functional
  • Price Range: $$ (2/5)


allsteel office
  • Specialties: Allsteel is focused on simplicity and functionality in their office furniture designs. Their chairs, desks, and collaborative furniture pieces are designed to make offices more comfortable and productive. The Acuity and Relate lines are particularly notable for their ergonomic design and intuitive adjustments.
  • Style: Functional, straightforward, and modern
  • Price Range: $$$ (3/5)

Why Choose Good Brands?

Choosing furniture from these respected brands means investing in quality, durability, and ergonomics. Good office furniture can significantly impact productivity and well-being, reducing the risk of work-related injuries and increasing overall job satisfaction. By selecting from these top brands, businesses can create spaces that are not only functional but also inspiring and welcoming for employees.

When selecting office furniture, consider how each piece will contribute to your overall office environment. Look for furniture that supports the health and productivity of your team, fits your space aesthetically, and aligns with your company’s values and budget.

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